• Onur Göker, MS, Fall 2017
    Thesis: Spam filtering using big data and deep learning
  • Nazlı Nazlı, MS, Fall 2017
    Thesis: Analysis of machine learning-based spam filtering techniques
  • Semih Yumuşak, PhD, Fall 2017 (Co-advised) (Selçuk University)
    Dissertation: A novel method to discover and analyze linked data sources
  • Hussein Ali Ahmed Ahmed, MS, Fall 2017
    Thesis: Predicting The Risk of Seizing State Lands Using Data Mining Techniques
  • Mehmet Mert Yucesan, MS, Fall 2016
    Thesis: News Clustering Using Linked Data Resources and Their Relationships
  • Şenol Ataç, MS, Summer 2015
    Thesis: FreeQA – Hybrid Question Answering System on Linked Data
  • Muhammed Akif Ağca, MS, Summer 2015
    Thesis: Performance Improvement via Distributed File Systems on Private Analytical Clouds
  • Ethem Cem Özkan, MS, Spring 2015
    Thesis: “Distributed Query Optimization Over Linked Data”
  • Sherzod Hakimov, MS, Fall 2013
    Thesis: “Named Entity Disambiguation Using Linked Data”
    Now: PhD student at Bielefeld University, Germany
  • Ozgur Eroglu, MS, Fall 2013
    Thesis: “Efficient Storage And Querying Of Semantic Data On A Distributed System”
  • Salih Atilay Oto, MS, Fall 2012
    Thesis: “News Clustering Using Relations Between Named Entities”
  • Ahmet Ömercioğlu, MS, Fall 2011
    Thesis: “Online Customizable Ontology Development Environment For Semantic Web”
  • Abdulhamit Mabocoglu, MS, Fall 2010
    Thesis: “Querying Ontologies Using RESTful Web Services”
  • Onur Soyer, MS, Summer 2010
    Thesis: “MoReCon: Service-based and Context-Aware Middleware for Mobile Applications”
  • Abdullah Battal, MS, Fall 2009
    Thesis: “A TV Program Recommendation System Using Semantic Web”
  • Ali Nihat Çiçek, MS, Fall 2009
    Thesis: “Implementing E-Health Systems Using RESTful Web Services”
  • Gökhan Öztopuz, MS, Summer 2009
    Thesis: Software As A Service: A Voice Communication Application Developed Using Service-Oriented Architecture”
  • Omer Mescigil, MS, Summer 2007
    Thesis: “QoS-based Automatic Web Services Engine”
  • Venkata Mammidenna, MS, Fall 2005
    Thesis: “Efficient Scheduling Strategies for Web Services Transactions”
  • Hongbo Luo, MS, Spring 2004
    Thesis: “Design and Implementation of a Peer-to-Peer Database”
  • Swetha Desetty, MS, Fall 2003
    Thesis: “SOAP-JDBC: A Bridge Between Heterogeneous Clients and Data Sources”
  • Eddie Heinz, MS, Fall 2003
    Thesis: “Web Services Security and A Java Security API”
  • Pooja Bhatia, MS, Summer 2003
    Thesis: “A Server Module for Hosting Java Web Services On Personal Digital Assistants”
  • Fuyu Liu, MS, Summer 2003
    Thesis: “A Federated Database User Management System Using Web Services”
  • Jagbir S. Hooda, MS, Summer 2003
    Thesis: “Health Level-7 (HL7) Compliant Clinical Patient Records System”
  • Bing Liu, MS, Summer 2003
    Thesis: “A Listener Module for Distributed Applications over Mobile Devices”
  • Lakshmi Yadlapati, MS, Fall 2002
    Thesis: “A Web Services Testing Tool”